Monday, May 22, 2017

Home...In 100 Words

Home begins when the air rushing through my car windows becomes sweet from grassy fields at twilight. The fields harbor fireflies that light my way to gravel roads and deep blue woods. Coyote howls replace the city’s sirens; the stars shine a bit brighter, constellations visibly mapping my place in the world.

Home is sitting on the back porch as this world slows down for the night – the smell of my brother’s strong black coffee – dry pages of a book between my fingers. It is closing my eyes and listening to the beauty of stillness and wind in the trees.   


  1. <3 Fireflies! I haven't actually seen them in person, but I am familiar with the sound of coyote howls.

    1. You need a trip to the east, then! ;) Fireflies are so magical. I didn't know that they weren't common in the west.

    2. I'm actually heading to South Carolina next week; so hopefully then I'll see some! Or are they out yet? When do they usually start appearing? I don't know much about them, except the magical part ;)

      Thanks for following my blog :)

    3. Ah, very cool! They should be out by now, I would think. They are in my area, where they usually appear mid-May or so.

      Welcome! I've been following for a while, but was looking through my list recently and noticed that I was accidentally following a lot of blogs anonymously. I think yours was one of them.