Friday, May 12, 2017

Freshman 100 Words

Once upon a time, I was a hyper-nervous, mostly-confused freshman. College began socially: an honors freshman retreat, campus ministry events, orientation. There were name tags, information fairs, class schedules, then classes. Bible studies. Lunches with friends. Professors (who were mostly cool). I survived first semester and winter break sadness and came back to more classes and a horizon full of adventures. I changed, grew, embraced spontaneity, tried new lattes, and assertively claimed my study spots on campus. I made music, hugged a lot of people, tried out dating, tasted freedom.

Most importantly, I was brave.

Sophomore year?

Bring it on. 


  1. You should feel so proud of yourself for finishing this year looking forward to the next. They say Junior year is hard but I think freshman year is hardest since you have to get to know everyone and a new place. I loved this 100 words (;

  2. This is such a cool idea - stories in a 100 words! I'm glad Freshman year went well for you.