Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The One About Music

So, here's the scoop: I dated a guy, and now I'm not dating the guy. (Long story).

Sometimes, God brings people into our lives for a season and for a specific purpose, and then shuts the door, because He knows what He's doing. That happened to me. Ouch.

But everyone that we allow into our lives makes an impact and leaves behind a little something that we never would have had the privilege of experiencing, had we not allowed them in.

A lot of these things are super spiritual or super impacting or super deep, but I'm going to talk about something not-so-deep, but meaningful, all the same.

The guy I dated is super into music, and thanks to him, I've now been exposed to a lot of artists/bands that I knew about but had never taken the time to intentionally listen to. Sooo my musical taste buds have been developing quite a bit.

I'll start with...

Said guy is a bit of a Led Zeppelin fanatic, and the first time we met to do homework together, we also grabbed earbuds and had a "Led Zeppethon." I was skeptical, since I've always been a little picky about music and generally wince at a lot of the songs spawned between 1959 and 2006. (Slight exaggeration, but you get my drift - the 60's through the 80's has never been my favorite time period in regards to music). But I found myself grinning over my homework as the first chords of "Good Times Bad Times" cranked through my earbuds.

Thus Led Zeppelin made it onto the list of jams (and classic rock became not-so-bad).

Probably the second biggest new entry on the list is these guys:

Um. Can I. Just. This band. 

So Transatlanticism is my favorite album, Plans a close second. This band is the real deal, and I must admit that I'd been waiting for a copy of Transatlanticism to cycle through at my local Half Price Books Outlet the other day when I found one and snatched it up triumphantly before my brother could get his paws on it. One of us was super happy and one of us was disgruntled, you can guess who was who. 

Next! Zees person: 

So this guy has kinda ruined my life with his song, "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room." Not to mention, the YouTube playlist of his Live in LA show is my official homework playlist. I know he's been around quite a while, but all I really knew of his work was "Waiting On the World to Change." Looks like I was missing out.

Moving forward to Icelanders who make music like they came straight out of the American South:

I'm a little in love with their album A/B in its entirety. I heard "Way Down We Go" and was instantly hooked. (I actually found these guys on my own, woot woot). 

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be off slow-dancing alone with my iPod to "Save Yourself." *leaves*

*comes back sheepishly* Just kidding. There is more music to speak of. 

Such as: 

"Like the Dawn" is one of the most beautiful songs to grace the music industry, in my humble opinion. Not to mention, their inspiration is Bible stories. These people are the best. If you're looking for good lyrics and a folksy sound, check them out. 

And speaking of Bible stories...I love all these folksy and faith-based bands that I keep finding out about, the people who craft genuinely good music and slip in positive messages for everyone to listen to - not just Christians. (That's an entire post in itself, though...I'll save it for another time). So the last band I'll be mentioning is...:

"Belly of the Deepest Love" & "The Kitchen" & "Porcelain" are my current three favorites. Poetic lyrics and gorgeous music. And talk about great album art

So there you have it! This is the new stuff that's been gracing my earbuds lately. (Well, new to me). If any of these bands have made your list of favorites too, let me know in the comments. Chatting about music is a past time I find to be very agreeable. 



  1. I've actually heard of all these bands. Well, I'm not positive about Kaleo, but that album art looks awfully familiar. Spotify is one of my better friends, and I follow the 'Discover Weekly' playlist they make up based on my likes and end up finding a lot of new artists on a regular basis. Of course, then I have a hard time keeping track of them all. But music is one of the subjects I could talk on and on about, too (if you ever need someone to rave to, you know where to find me).
    I have 'Whiskey & Wine' and 'Vanilla Pines' by Tow'rs on a playlist. I think my favorite by John Mayer is 'Half of my Heart'. The last time I listened to 'Death Cab for Cutie' (like...9 years ago), I didn't really like their sound, but my tastes have developed since then; so I might give them another try. I don't think I'll ever like Led Zeppelin, though...

    1. Kaleo is so good! You should check them out. My brother keeps getting onto me about setting up a Spotify account, I just haven't gotten around to it yet...
      (Yay! - I love finding fellow music geeks).
      Some of my favorites by Death Cab are "Title and Registration" "Cath" "Soul Meets Body" "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" and "Transatlanticism", in case your tastes have changed and you need recommendations :)
      Haha, Zeppelin is an acquired taste, I think! xD They take some getting used to.

    2. You should get a Spotify account! I don't remember what my life was like before mine, except that maybe I had some extra brain space because I hadn't memorized all their ads :P

  2. AH This is always better sweet. When people come into your life then leave I get so many feels. BUT the music you got introduced to it good music. I can vouch for John Mayer and Kaleo!

    1. You hit the nail on the head. So. Many. Feels. But yes! I'd love to see Kaleo in concert someday.